About in-game Analytics in AMP

In AMP 2.5.1 we introduced a new Analytics system into AMP to give users more information about their player base and server performance.

Because of the variation between titles, the available functions will vary slightly between servers.

How is the data collected?

This varies slightly between games, but basically AMP reads the console or RCON output to look for messages containing information about players leaving and joining the server.

AMP uses this information to build a list of ‘sessions’ which includes the players name, when they joined, how long their session has been, and if available - their IP address.

When a player leaves, the length of their session is now known so the session is recorded in the instances database.

Why do some games show “No Data” for locations?

AMP uses the players IP address to work out their country using a Geo IP database.

If the game server does not log IP addresses, AMP can’t then use this to look up their location.

Someone joined the server, why isn’t it showing in Analytics?

Sessions are only recorded once a player leaves (since until that happens you don’t know the session length).

Why is no data showing at all?

If AMP isn’t able to see which users are connected (either because the game does not have a console/log AMP can use, or because it doesn’t log that information) then no data can be recorded.