A couple of questions before I buy

I’ve just spent several days trying to get a certain dinosaur themed game panel up and running, and with each fresh install and start from scratch, I’d run into a different problem that was effectively undocumented because they use only Discord for technical support(!).

So after a great deal of frustration, I tried AMP… it was up and running in 5 minutes or so… and it has a proper support forum!!! It was seemingly so easy that I’m quite tempted to overlook the fact it’s not open source but I have run into a couple of issues that I can’t resolve when just using the trial version. I need them resolved before I stump up the dough.

  1. In the version comparison, it says that the basic version of AMP can “Manage up to 5 game instances on a single system”. Does that mean I can only have 5 game servers setup at any one time, or does it mean I can have more than 5 game servers setup but only have 5 running at any time?

  2. I use pfSense and HAProxy, along with virtual IP addresses for my servers. Which lets me centralize CERT management to my firewall but still connect to my servers using my FQDN. With the other panel I alluded to, using a Virtual IP caused issues that I couldn’t get to the bottom of because (and forgive me for venting a little) Discord sucks for tech support documentation. So much so, that it’s now a deal breaker for me, when it comes to any software that isn’t very basic. So can any other AMP users confirm whether they’re able to use Virtual IPs / HAProxy with AMP?


  1. You can only have 5 ‘active’ - what this means is a little tricky to spell out, but say you set up 10 instances and ran 5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon then you’ve used 10 recently, so they’re all considered active. So it depends a bit on what you intend to do with them. Creating an instance will also consume an activation slot immediately even if you don’t then use it straight away.

  2. So long as the systems can correctly query their external IP and that IP is a valid way to reach the VM via port forwarding if applicable, none of this will matter so long as packets come and go as they normally would from the perspective of the VM. If you can access AMP itself remotely then the game servers won’t be a problem either.

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