7Days2Die wont update to new release

Zorin OS 16.1

7D2D wont update to A20.5

Stopped instance clicked update numerous times. Set to auto retry on failure
started instance, retry update

  • Update* created new instance had problems with it, but lucky enough the original server finally updated.

20.5 is still exprimental so u need to use expremental on update

thanks for the reply, not sure if it actually updated or not, now its not showing up

20.5 is stable as of today. The server update went out around 7 hours ago. You should be able to get it normally without using experimental. And once you check that box, I believe you need a new instance to revert the change. If you’re still having trouble, make a new instance, update, and copy your world over to the new one.

yes im still having trouble. i will try that and see if it fixes it