7 Days to Die - Server crashes randomly + No Console Log beeing generated

OS Name/Version: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Product Name/Version: AMP v2.3.4.0

Problem Description:

Hello everyone!

Me and my brother are currently hosting a 7 days to die server, using AMP and we’ve run into a frustrating problem. It’s frustrating, because we do have no logs and therefore no error of what exactly happened or causes the server to just randomly shut off (or crash, we do not know exactly tbh).

It’s a modded server and we’re running the server on the “legacy” module, as we’re having issues with SteamNetworking on the newer, community made module (we can’t disable it, even when editing the config file directly).

Does someone have the same issue with no console log files beeing generated? I’ve searched google and found a few tips about editing the server start script, but the necessary line is already implemented, but does not seem to work properly.

./7DaysToDieServer.x86_64 -logfile $SERVERDIR/7DaysToDieServer_Data/output_log__date +%d-%m-%Y.txt -quit -batchmode -nographics -dedicated $PARAMS

I’ve edited away the time stamp, but that shouldn’t cause any problems, as it didn’t work either prior to my edit.

It’s a unfortunate chain, as i don’t know what exactly causes the server to stop or crash, as we don’t have any logs to check

Any console output should be stored in the AMP Logs. You just tight click the instance and View Logs.

Yeah, already found those logs, but those are logs from the AMP itself and not the dedicated server console from 7 days to die.

The only thing it’s saying is this:

[22:41:05] [SevenDays:night2078 Warning] : The application stopped unexpectedly. Exit code 134

But i need the console logs from the dedicated server itself, not from AMP. And they’re not getting generated, where they’re supposed to be generated.

Can you explain what you are having trouble with on the new generic module config with SteamNetworking? I have a feeling it’s the bug that was fixed in the last few days.

Not trying to push my config, but you can actually edit and add the startup parameter you’re wanting there. The startup scripts you’re editing now aren’t used by AMP at all.

Well, the main problem is, the new community module for 7 days to day starts with SteamNetworking enabled, while in the server config it is listed as disabled. I know, it is enabled, because it’s saying that in the server’s console. Like “SteamNetworking enabled” or something similiar to that.

In the end, the server starts and is even listed, but you cannot connect, as it says “Invalid server id” and in the server console there is a steam networking error. Have to recreate the module, if you need exact copy of the log, as i deleted that instance.

Besides that, the new module seems to not recognize the “world” config field. We use a random gen world with a specific name made for this server and editing that field in the config, does not refresh it in the config file. I had to manually adjust that parameter in the config file for the server to load the custom world. It just loaded Navezgane, as that was the default parameter not getting updated by the config field from AMP.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve corrected these issues now. One was AMP’s fault, but the rest were my typos. If you go to Configuration->Instance Deployment, Fetch the latest and refresh your browser… You can make an instance using the generic module. The GenericModule.kvp can be edited inside the instance to whatever startup parameters you’d like it to have.

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Sounds great. I’ll give it a try in the next couple of days when i’ve time. Thank you very much so far.

You’re welcome! And thank you as well. Some of these games have so many settings and I can’t see what I’m doing even with glasses on. So feedback is very helpful! Lol

Alright, i just made a new instance using the new 7 days to die community module.

SteamNetworking seems to be getting disabled now, atleast it’s saying that in the console. But you still can’t join the game. I didn’t really edit any parameters, other than disabling sleep mode and set a password.

Connecting to the server only kicks me out of it the second i press join with this message:

Server is still initializing, please try again in a minute.

I gave him like 5 minutes and tried again, with the same “error”. Something i’m missing?

Are you using RWG? That can sit on the first startup for up to an hour or more while it generates. Nothing shows in the console during that time.

Hold on this for now. I’m getting inconsistent results. I’ll verify the settings and get back to you.

No, the server is on Navezgane. I’ve let the server run all day now and it’s still the same error, not sure if that helps. It might be related to the sleep mode, but i disabled it. I remember when we first tried the new module, it had that error aswell. I disabled sleep mode and then the steam networking thing came up, which is now fixed. But i disabled sleep mode for this test aswell, so not sure what is wrong.

The issue is the serverconfig.XML file has a setting that’s commented out for save location. It should be ./saves but I’ll have to include a copy of the different config files from different versions of 7d2d where it changed. I probably won’t get to it tonight.

No worries.

We’re still running the server on the old module. I’ve found a mod that’s most likely responsible for the crashes. They still persist, but are much more rare now.

Very good! Sorry for the issues and thanks for helping out. I’ll let you know when I have it finished.