7 days to die create instance

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OS Name/Version: windows 10 ver 10.0.19044 build 19044

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7 days to die instance
Problem Description: When I create and try to start instance and manage it says “The specified instance is not running.”

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Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Create instance
  • Step 2 select 7 days to die click create
  • Step 3 instance starts I try to click manage and it says “The specified instance is not running.”
  • Step 4 click update then try to restart instance and same loop

Actions taken to resolve so far: Searched youtube and found nothing. Search the forums and found nothing so now i’m making this post!!! Please help, dont want my money to go to waste and have to find a different way to make a 7 days to die server.

Right click on the instance, select view logs, and open the latest. It should tell you what is wrong. Likely you need to reactivate the licence in command prompt.

How would one reactivate the license in command prompt?

If that is the issue, the log will tell you

It is the issue, this has to be a bug. everytime I create a new instance I have to do this.

So first I created an Ark survival evolved looked at the logs like you said and it was a license key issue. So I google and was able to fumble myself thru updating it for that instance and it worked.
So then… I create the 7 days to die server like I bought this software for and same thing happen after I created instance and looked at logs. So I had to fumble thru again to run the ampinstmgr reactivate. So I input my license again and then went back in and the instance is working. So now it says I have 2 of my 5 instances used up even though I deleted the ark instance cause it was just a test. So apparently every time you create an instance you have to ampinstmgr reactivate. Is this a bug that is known?

Yes, known bug ever since 2.4 came out. I share your frustration

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I appreciate you help, it lead to the solution.