7 Days to die Alpha 20.4 b42 stable New config variables


Since the recent update of 7d2d my server wasn’t available in the serverlist. After searching for a while I found that servers now need to have 2 more variables in the serverconfig.xml file.


Values must be one of the following: NorthAmericaEast, NorthAmericaWest, CentralAmerica, SouthAmerica, Europe, Russia, Asia, MiddleEast, Africa, Oceania Values: Use any language name that your players would expect to search for. Should be the English name of the language, e.g. not "Deutsch" but "German". This is a filter name only and DOES NOT SET the language for players.

If the region setting is not added to the config the server wont display in the serverlist. But since the serverconfig automatically overwrites. I can"t fix it myself. So if you didn’t knew already I ask you guys to add these 2 settings so my players and I don’t have to connect via ip.

Thanks in advance.


Every time I change the serverconfig.xml file to add the NorthAmericaEast stuff it just wipes it when you start the AMP server. Not sure if someone from CubeCoders could make a drop down option in the program to set it up.

Update to the Nightly build of AMP for that instance which has the new settings.