2 Newbie Qs - instance vs application & file manager usage

Please excuse my ignorance here!

I’ve set up a Minecraft Java server, and I see I have to start the Instance, and then start the Application. I had assumed that the first step alone would start the server running, so what does starting the instance actually mean?

And, I edited the ops.json file in file manager to make myself an Op, but when I start the application, that file gets replaced with a blank one. How do I make my changes persistent? Or otherwise make myself an op?

Many thanks

Each ‘instance’ is actually a separate copy of AMP that runs independently, but all hidden away via the Web interface. So starting an instance starts the AMP component and then starting the application starts the actual game server.

You op yourself using the console by typing op USERNAME while the server is running.


Can I automate that step somehow? (Such as by getting it into ops.json)

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

By what means are you wanting to automate it?

Well, presumably if I could retain the edit in ops.json, I would be an op every time I started the server? Seems a bit of a faff to have to promote myself each time I start the server up.

You run the command once and it persists forever :slight_smile:

Ahh! I see. :grin:
That makes sense.