Windows AMP, subdomain to existing Nginx setup?

Got AMP installed on Windows and it’s working well (thanks for adding V Rising :heart_eyes:) but I’m wondering how I would go about setting it up via a proxy so friends can access it with one of my subdomains.

I already have Nginx Proxy Manager on Docker on another system with end to end Cloudflare encryption so that’s all done but unless I’m missing something I can’t see a way to give AMP a subdomain for Nginx to point to. I thought an option like this would be in the settings but I can’t see it. With other Windows programs I just stick the subdomain in the proxy field in the settings then point Nginx to the subdomain, IP & port of the Windows system and that’s it, nice and simple.

I’ve gone through the wiki and searched the forums but I’ve mostly found Linux stuff to set up Nginx with LetsEncrypt. The Windows bit of the wiki just says about adding a certificate to Windows and using other software to request certificates etc. Which isn’t what I want.

So is there a way to give AMP on Windows a subdomain so I can point Nginx to it?


Hi @Titty_Ballz,

i think so this is no “cubecoders problem”. You have to ask this question in a nginx forum again.
But i googled a bit, and there are some usefull links.
Try to exclude ubuntu, debian and linux in your google search.

for example with this keywords:
nginx subdomain windows server -linux -ubuntu -debian

You could find more ways to search under the following link:

Hope so this helps you a bit,



Hey, thanks.

I played around a bit but untimely we decided on Discord bots. Most don’t want access to the files, they just want basic control which the bots offer.

For those who want more control I’ll work something else out.