Which License allows multiple physical machines through one interface

I’m planning on running a clustered ark server with multiple maps but one machine is not capable of running all of them on its own for the minimum requirements.

here is my scenario:

3 physical machines running a hypervisor of 2 Virtual machines each where I would like to run one instance of an ark server. So I will have 6 “physical machines” running AMP and would like to manage all of them from only 1 interface/portal.

Is this possible and which license will need to be purchased to make it possible?

Note: I will be the only one managing the servers.

Any license can do the Controller/Target setup. So that’s no concerns there. Just as long as the game server instance count is within your total licenses. You might look at the Network Standard since Pro is only 5. It can be stacked but then you’re closer to the Network price and get 50 for a little more than that price.

Is there a reason to split the ARK instances between virtual machines? AMP can handle multiple copies of ARK per physical machine without the need to split them like that. It just adds overhead and complexity.

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Thank you for confirming.