Where is the mcmyadmin Instance in the dropdown menu build 2.4.4?

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OS Name/Version: Windows 10

Product Name/Version: Amp Release Decadeus 2.4.4

Problem Description:

If i want to create a new mcyadmin  minecraft server with create instance it`s not availble into the list any more .Where is the legacy minecraft  option , is it  not availble any more into build 2.4.4 ?   

Steps to reproduce:

 * Step 1 Create new  instance
 * Step 2 search into the drop down menu
 * Step 3 It`s not into the list any more to create.

Actions taken to resolve so far: I cant take any action because it has been removed .

You need to turn on “Show Deprecated Applications” under Configuration → Instance Deployment.

Super thanks forr the quick responce…

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