Vintage story update to 1.19.x fails

OS Name/Version: Linux Debian 12

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
Vintage story server 1.19.0-pre.x (i.e. 1.19.0-pre.5)

Problem Description:

When setting this version, AMP downloads an vs_server_linux-x64_1.19.0-pre.5.tar.gz the size of 0 , even though the size should be above 29MB, and is, when downloaded manually


Steps to reproduce:

create new Vintage story instance, set version in server settings to 1.19.0-pre.x and try to start/update.

It will endlessly hang in the Update process.

The template is only designed for the builds available in the client area at

Where do you get the other builds from?

Nvm, I can see them

I will think about adding the option. Otherwise just download and extract manually

Tried that, but every time I start the server it deletes everything in the server folder, since it wants to update.

And I can’t find the trigger to cancel planned operations, like update

That would be because either you are not placing the server binary directly in the server directory, or it is not marked as executable (chmod).

So AMP thinks it is not there, and therefore tries to update the server to get it.

Anyway, I’ve created a PR to include the Preview option in the UI.

The PR has now been merged

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