Valheim+ whitelist

Last time i asked i got kinda rude response and i probably didnt write clearly what i meant, this was about a year ago.

for valheim+ i requested if that an whitelist box like the banned and admin player lists in server config for vailheim plus could be added.

i’ve found out that if i add the code below in configmanifest, it does what i requested last time.

    "DisplayName": "Permitted Players",
    "Description": "A list of Steam64 IDs for players that are permitted in-game. [Find your Steam64 ID](",
    "FieldName": "PermittedPlayers",
    "Category": "Server",
    "InputType": "list",
    "Special": "listfile:./Valheim/896660/Data/permittedlist.txt"

You can make a pull request here to add this: GitHub - CubeCoders/AMPTemplates: For the AMP community to share Generic Module templates.

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