Valheim Server Connect failed

Hi there,

Server starts normally and runs, however, when I want to enter the server, the error message “password” always comes up

The AMP console says the following:

[MPASN] [MPASN] Started validating:
[MPASN] Validating: ERROR
[MPASN] I'm about to send 26,0 bytes amount of data for buffs
[MPASN] I'm about to send 26,00 bytes amount of data for 0 quests
[MPASN] Sending 26,0 bytes amount of data for Territories


Disposing socket
Closing socket 76561198069821936
send queue size:0
Disposing socket
Got status changed msg k_ESteamNetworkingConnectionState_ClosedByPeer
Socket closed by peer Steamworks.SteamNetConnectionStatusChangedCallback_t
Got status changed msg k_ESteamNetworkingConnectionState_None

I stopped the Server and changed the password but nothing happen and the error is still there

what can i do now?