Update from to is not working for the instances / unable to create ticket from webinterface


i did the update for amp but when i select any of my instances the instance still shows version with a prompt to update. when i run this update again nothing happens

and now i´m unable to create a ticket from the webinterface

i deleted my valheim instance and created a new one. this instance shows the the correct version of amp and in this instance i also can create a ticket.

does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

A patch was released, make sure to update :slight_smile:

an patch for what? factorio is up to date and so is amp. but why does it show me in every instance that i should upgrade amp?

For AMP, a patch for AMP was released which is why they all want to update.

yes. on the first screenshot you can see that i have updated to version but if i open one of the existing instances then it shows me again that an update to version is available. but this update is already installed. and if i click again on update nothing happens

The version number doesn’t always change with updates. That’s the difference between a patch (same version, different build number) and an actual update with significant changes.

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