Startup Issue with Minecraft - keeps saying killed by user

Yeah, not entirely sure on what could be causing the issue. Might be worth spinning up another instance to see if there’s just something weird going on with this one.

So it was able to run a regular forge server, but when i added the mods it gave me the same issue.

Just as a sanity check, you’re using the server pack that you can download from CurseForge?
Cause copying mods from the client may cause issues due to poorly written client mods that don’t disable themselves.

Yes i am :sob:. Im using the server version of this

I’m honestly at a loss, I can’t replicate the issue in my own setup, which is frustrating.
Might be worth deleting the instance, rebooting the system, then re-creating it, see if clearing everything out somehow magically fixes things.

i already did i even tried reinstalling the os :sob:

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