Reboot = Need Add again Licence Key

Dear Greetings:

OS Name/Version: Windows 11 Pro 22H2

Product Name/Version: AMP version - 20230714.2
Problem Description:
-When reboot the server (hardware), AMP it requires the license key and website Licence Manager duplicate active Instances.

SO: (Windows 11 pro SO Admin) with Hyper-V (2 VM with Ubuntu Server)
No VPN - No Wifi
Ethernet Gbits (Good connection, no lag, admin by Cloud Router Switch)
Ubuntu server with Mc and Ts3 server running done (running before AMP installation)
AMP installed directly in OS administration (w11 pro)
AMP-ADS01 → with delayed start, no solution for me.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1
    Reboot system
  • Step 2
    Instance fail… need licence key

I admit that I am an apprentice here.
I appreciate your help and patience. I’ve tried looking for solutions on the forum, but can’t find it.
Sincerely, a cordial greeting and waiting for your help.

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