Prepurchase test not going well - Unable to Install

OS Name/Version: AlmaLinux 9.2 (Based off of RHEL and almost exactly same as Rocky)

Product Name/Version: AMP : There is no version, unable to install

Problem Description: I am unable to install. After sudo su -l and escalating to root, I tried to run your script. It hangs on installing via package manager. I’ll share screenshot as the log does not work.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: sudo su -l
  • Step 2: bash <(wget -qO-
  • Step 3: Follow steps
    *Step 4: CTRL C after sitting at installing via package manager for about 20 minutes. Firewall shows no packet activity on machine.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Attempted to install multiple times. Attempted to view log to see if I can discover what went wrong but log doesn’t exist and doesn’t upload, issue with yparse. Ran a system update just in case the script missed anything. Disabled IPV6 on the host in case it was causing issues.

Have you checked the log file that it references?

Hey Mike! You actually responded to me on Discord. I didn’t see this earlier. Thank you for your help!

For anyone who reads this, I was just being a bit impatient, and the download server may have been a bit slow to me the day I initially set it up. Give it some extra time on the install.

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