Other User cant Manage Instance

OS Name/Version: Unraid Docker Container

Product Name/Version: v2.4.3 built 14/03/2023

Problem Description: I created an other user and gave him no role and edited the user settings that everythings red except: All Instances, LocalInstances(), Main(Main) and the instance he should be able to manage (in this case terraria) with all its subpermissions.

If i log in as that user the instance stows up as expected but if i try to double click or manage it it says: “Failed to login to remote instance Invalid Username or password” now have i missed some permission that should be ticked or is this a bug?
Thanks in advance for your help AMPs really great :slight_smile:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make instnace as admin
  2. Create New User and assign the permissions above
  3. Try to manage said instance

We don’t offer support for third party containers. You should contact the maintainer of the docker image you’re using for any support.

Its not a problem with the container tho i can access everything with the admin account

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