New FiveM GTA V Install, Question/Issue

OS Name/Version: WIN 10 PRO X64

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
v2.3.2, built 31/01/2022 18:02

Problem Description:

Console Listener setup OK
Started map fivem-map-skater
Started resource fivem-map-skater
server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 199 milliseconds
cccc ff xx xx rr rr eee
cc ffff xx rrr r ee e
cc ff xx ... rr eeeee
ccccc ff xx xx ... rr eeeee
Authenticated with Nucleus:
-- [server notice: hostname_rework]
You don't have sv_projectName/sv_projectDesc set.
These variables augment sv_hostname and fix your server name being cut off in the server list.
Use `sets sv_projectName ..` and `sets sv_projectDesc ..` to set them.
-- [server notice: tebex_not_set]
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Steps to reproduce:

  • Fresh instance, install git, restart PC, start instance

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • Attempted to set commands as mentioned in tip/help, but upon restart instance they are gone.
  • Manually adding to server.cfg gets overwritten.

You need to add it to user.cfg

But i think CubeCoders should consider to update the FiveM module so we can set these directly in AMP