Multi node install help - Firewall / NAT

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OS Name/Version: Debian Linux / Windows Server

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Halimede”
v2.4.1.2, built 21/12/2022 17:5

Problem Description:

Setup a 3 system setup. Linux and Windows Targets and a Linux controller. This all seems to work fine. I can create a game instance etc, however I can not connect to the game instance. How do I need to setup the networking? currently all 3 servers are on the same subnet and I have direct connectivity to them. however I want to be able to connect via a public IP.

  1. are the game connections proxied via the controller? or do i need to setup seperate nat rules for each target server with their own Public IP or can i just expose all ports to just the controler?

  2. the game instance i have on the linux box seems to run but i cant connect, even when i try wit the targets IP address.

If you’re using multiple systems inside the same NAT, then each one must use a different port range and not overlap so you can port forward the systems separately. AMP does not have anything to do with connectivity between the outside world and the games.

Hi, Mike

Thanks for that, I did wonder if that was the case or not. Is there a guide to setting up multiple servers in this configuration that explains the network connectivity, how to setup the firewall etc?

Ideally i would love to be able to deploy both windows and linux servers as and when and not need to then change firewall settings etc.

Thnks again!