Minecraft Instance automatically stopping

OS Name/Version:
|Platform|Debian GNU/Linux 10|

Product Name/Version:
|Application Name|AMP|
|Application Version||

Problem Description:
Minecraft dedicated server being run through AMP using Hostinger will not stay active after AMP update to

Steps to reproduce:

  • Click start instance
  • No further actions. Instance will say running for between 1-2 minutes then will revert to offline status.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Have attempted to restart AMP, update AMP and the individual instance, as well as review the logs but I’m not familiar with Linux. Part of the reason my friends and I are paying Hostinger, but they’re not providing any helpful information.
The console gives the notification LIM - Failure to make API call to TheBlockheads01: Connection refused.
When I look at the instance logs, I see the following:
[Logger Error] : No valid AMP license was found. Please open a shell as the ‘amp’ user and run ‘ampinstmgr reactivate ServerName’ to reactivate this instance
I can’t figure out how to do this however.
I apologize if this is formatted incorrectly since this is not something I’m familiar with. Any help is appreciated.

you need to use putty login as root then su -l amp > change user then ‘ampinstmgr reactivate ServerName’ then reinsert your license key

hope this helps

As far as I know you have to give that error to Hostinger support since they own the AMP license.

I was able to follow these steps up until the reinserting license key part. I’m getting a message that the license key does not exist, so I’m not sure where to get the correct one.

Where did you get a key from? Like I said above, Hostinger controls the key as far as I know. Their support would have to do the reactivation for you.

I found a couple of files in the directory labeled as License, so I was trying to input those. I think you’re right about needing to contact Hostinger. It’s just the first time I contacted them they weren’t helpful at all so hopefully this time it will go better.

thought u purchased your own license key

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