I had a verry strange issues if somone could help me

OS Name/Version: windows server 2016

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’) AMP APPLICATION MANNAGEMENT AMP Release “Halimede”
v2.4.0.8, built 10/10/2022 21:18

Problem Description: i have did a update and for some reason it lost all my product keys to activate amp to use i had to re enter mcmyadmin productkey and the amp professional key and messed up 3 times and now i have 3 uses on my key when its somehow bugged out i got everything working again but really dont want to have my 2 broken keys used up and i also cant figure out why it broke during a update to i would like to also say that when i do a console update i have to end the task for it to ever restart its self because it will sit there for 2 entire days just loading to nothing like its frozen so it dose update its just for me to have to get it to reopen i have to end the task in task manager on the server and re launch the program then it works fine

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Steps to reproduce:

 * Step 1for update problems : telling it to update when theres a new update just freezes unless i end the task
 * Step 2 for the productkey problems i have no clue this the first time i had to experience it
 * Step 3

Actions taken to resolve so far: had to keep re entering the product keys when it says its lost them

Phew… Use sentences next time. That was hard to digest!

Regarding the keys, ignore the number used. It will even out over a few weeks due to the intentional delay. Just use the number of keys you have and you’ll be fine.

For updating, you need to stop all game server instances before stopping ADS. That’s just how AMP has to work in Windows unfortunately. Linux doesn’t have that requirement.

ok will try that next time it needs a update. still dont understand why i had to redo all the product keys tho never had to do that before.