How to verify game restore has worked

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Product Name/Version: 2.3.4

Problem Description:

Instance backup restore , is there a confirmation that is has finished and does instance restart?

Steps to reproduce:

Run restore from instance menu. Under amp instance logs (/home/amp/.ampdata/instances/JNAME/AMP_Logs/‘AMPLOG 2022-06-23 21-31-50.log’ I can see:

[FileBackup:admin Activity] : Restoring Backup Migrate

But there is never a message saying it completed. I am trying to verify that the restore is finished. Before the restore I changed server description and I would assume this restore would change it back. Doesnt not appear to have been done.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Run restore task 3 times, can not see a way to verify it has completed.

Settings are not included in backups, just the server data you see in the file manager. Exception being those apps whose configuration can be imported by AMP.

Thank you Mike for the update. Is there a list somewhere of the apps that support that?

AND are the server setting saved anywhere I can manually backup?

It’s only Minecraft for now. The instance directory (right click → View datastore on your instance) contain a stack of KVP files which contain AMPs settings.

If you own the server you can install a free program like Veeam to backup the rest.

Thank you both. From what I have tested restoring a VM with backup software causes AMP to go into initial setup mode. Game file are still there but nothing is associated. Hence why I am looking for individual files to backup.

Just so others know, I found a xml file that has instance setting as well.

If you do ampinstmgr repair it will reassociate them.