How many instances of Minecraft servers can I create with a mcmyadmin2 key?

I migrated due to seeing the banner on the mcmyadmin 2 website. I was wondering what exactly do I have access to with the mcmyadmin 2 key. I was hoping to run a creative and survival server separately on one machine. Is that available with what I have or do I need to purchase again?

Only 1 instance if you have a legacy McMyAdmin 2 key. You just enter your old McMyAdmin key during setup and use the McMyAdmin application type from the list when creating an instance.

Hello, thanks for the reply. I have actually tried to run 2 instances and it had appeared to run fine? Are you certain that there is a hard limit of 1 instance running? And I cannot seem to find where I had entered the mcmyadmin2 key in any of the menus.

The licencing system doesn’t use immediate hard limits in order to allow for migrations and other quick changes, but it will eventually email you and complain that you’re over using the licence. You can change the key being used under Configuration - New Instance Defaults.