File Manager Issues

OS Name/Version:

Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS (64 bit)

Product Name/Version:

Application Management Panel version

Problem Description:

Some instances I am unable to manage files properly within them (copy/paste/delete), I cannot always download or move files from some instances. A page is opened to start the download process but the download is never actually started the page just stays blank.

While trying to download a 5.6GB zip file from outside the instance I noticed the error message this function only supports up to 2GB file types in console but I had used the same method to download a 31GB file the day before from a different instance.

When the same instances are accessed via SFTP the files can be downloaded and uploaded without issue, however issues with deleting files are still present.

Steps to reproduce: Not entirely sure what creates the symptoms, test applies to affected instances only

  • Step 1
    • Log into webpanel and SFTP login to access the files of any instance through both methods
  • Step 2
    • Try to download a large file via both methods
  • Step 3
    • Verify in console there was or was not an error produced from each attempt

Actions taken to resolve so far:

  • Tried to restart the Instance, then AMP, then the whole system, no change.
  • Verified file ownership and access privileges, correct.
  • Verified the lack of any restriction in nginx or system configs that might cause these issues, none found.

Conclusion: Possible bug or at worst undiagnosed hardware fault.