Change domain name and port

How do I change the domain name used for HTTPS?

Running on Ubuntu Server 20.05 and AMP 2.3.2.

Under the setup I chose a domain name. But I am going to change this to a sub domain name.

Do I have to run the install again or?

And how can I change the port that the server uses?

I am going to be running multiple web server from the same External IP and can’t have the control panel running on the 80 and 443


You can just run ampinstmgr setupnginx as root, specifying the new domain name and the ADS port (generally 8080) when prompted

If you want to delete the old domain setup, then delete the conf from /etc/nginx/conf.d/ and run certbot delete so the cert is not renewed

No need to change the reverse proxy ports - nginx can act as a webserver for, and reverse proxy, many sites at once

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