Can't Upgrade to

OS Name/Version: Debian 10 with Game Panel (via Hostinger)

Product Name/Version: Amp

Problem Description:
I’m trying to update the web version of AMP from to There’s a little orange box in the bottom left of my screen encouraging me to do so. However, when I click it, it appears to begin the upgrade, but then I lose the connection to the server and it just hangs, it doesn’t come back up. When I manually restart the server using the Hostinger page controls, the server comes back up but it has not been updated.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
I have tried logging into the server using the cmd and trying to update the ADS and the instances there. It appears to have worked, but the instance still says that it needs to be updated in order to “Manage” it and the web app still is suggesting in the bottom left of the page that i update to and that I’m currently on

If your server is hosted by Hostinger, you should ask them to trigger an update from their end if it’s not working correctly from the UI.

Ok, I’ll give that a shot, thank you!