Cant connect to server panel

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OS Name/Version: windows 10

Product Name/Version: amp

Problem Description: cant connect to server panel

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Steps to reproduce:

  • i dont know what is happening so i cant say
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Actions taken to resolve so far: joined the discord and asked there was told to restart pc that didnt help

Open a command prompt, what’s the output of ampinstmgr status ?

And if you try and browse to http://localhost:8081 ?

same as before i cant reach the site

What’s the output of ampinstmgr ports ADS01 ?

Run ampinstmgr lastlog ADS01, upload the log to pastebin and share the URL.

Run ampinstmgr delete ADS01, then reboot, then run ampinstmgr quickstart

Looks like you didn’t delete the ADS01 instance properly. Make sure that it doesn’t show up after doing an ampinstmgr status.


You typoed and accidentally put a / in front that doesn’t belong.

whoops didn’t see that

Yeah so you didn’t delete the ADS instance.

ampinstmgr stop ADS01
ampinstmgr delete ADS01

im just copy pasting what your sending me but anyway. what do i put in there?

It’s asking you to confirm the name of the instance, which is ADS01.

ok sorry ive never done this stuff before so you will have to excuse any silly questions i have. the instance is deleted

Now you can run ampinstmgr quickstart again.