Cant connect to my servers using the AMP web browser manager

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OS Name/Version:

Product Name/Version: AMP Instance Manager

Problem Description:

My Valheim servers are running and I can connect to them in Steam but I cant control them from the instance manager as they dont even appear there when i login to it and put in my software key I got from cubecoders

Steps to reproduce:

 * Step 1: Create Valheim Server
 * Step 2: Logout
 * Step 3: Log back in: Servers are all gone

Actions taken to resolve so far:  Tried reinstalling the instance manager and inputting my key with no success

You’ve not filled in half of the information or filled in the template properly. I’d suggest that you create the support ticket from within AMP itself.

Whatever, i dont have time for this BS right now

If I don’t know even basic information like what operating system you’re using, I can’t offer assistance.

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