Cannot manage targets from controller

OS Name/Version: Controller : CentOS 8 / targets are Windows server 2019 & CentOS 8

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description: AMP will no longer let me click manage on my two server targets from the controller. I can access the game servers through the controller as always but when I click to manage the server I get the error “failed to connect” . Was able to connect previously in past versions of AMP. Console logs show the following:

Managed remote instance AMPInstance1-ADS at 
Authentication token for Master requested by ManageInstance on behalf of Master

Steps to reproduce:

  • logged in with controller and try to click manage on the target directly.
  • login screen with spin and fail.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Made sure all servers were updated with --nocache. made sure I can both ping servers from the controller as well as access AMP through the target directly.

This issue will be fixed in

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