Can you schedule a daily backup, BUT only if a player has joined recently?

I have a server that I currently have running daily backups, but the problem is I don’t really play all that often, which means a vast majority of the backups are unnecessary. I’d like to be able to do a backup but only if a user was actually connected in the past day or so.

One way I think I might be able to achieve this is to use the event trigger called "The last user leaves the server". But I want to have a waiting period to ensure I am not just disconnecting for a few minutes. But say I added a wait task of 1 hour. If I left, then rejoined and left again a few minutes later, would that then result in TWO backups an hour down the line, a few minutes apart?

Or if not perhaps add a task called “schedule a backup” that could be activated by either a trigger of the first user joining / last user leaving. The scheduling could just be for a static time in the middle of the night for example, and so even if it gets triggered multiple times only one backup would occur.