Bedrock Minecraft will only load beta server

OS Name/Version: WIndows 10 Home

Product Name/Version: AMP Triton v2.3.3

Problem Description: I am trying to setup a Minecraft Bedrock Server, Every time it loads, no matter what I put in the config it loads the latest beta server which I do not want to use, I want the stable version.

Actions taken to resolve so far: I have changed the setting in Config to only use the stable version, I have confirmed the PC is not opted into the Minecraft Beta on the Insider App

See the message from Microsoft here. Not sure their decision on this, but it’s intended.


To get around this, I manually installed a previous version of the dedicated server (1.18.33). You’ll have to find the zip file for it. From there, you can find posts in the forums and discord for how to copy it to the instances Minecraft directory without effecting things like the file.

Good luck!

There’s supposed to be an updated client coming out today.