Any way to disable minecraft properties autofill?

HI guys!
I’m very tired of AMP constantly fulfulling MOTD, Seed and Resource Pack Prompt every time I restart the instance. Is there a way to stop AMP re-writing this configs EVERY time?
I have a bungee with many instances behind and every time I forget to change the MOTD, for example, and I shutdown my bungeecord, the “Powered by AMP” Motd shows up…
I just want to leave that configs in blank. Also I need to configure the server-name setting on server-properties file (certain plugins still use this parameter, mostly on bungee environments) and also AMP is deleting this string when overwriting…

Should be an option via ADS. Look for “New Instance Defaults”

I don’t see any specific setting that mentions this behaviour

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Thank you very much.
By the way, there is something to do with the server-name property?
It’s being deleted

Is the server running while you’re changing the value? If so, then AMP might overwrite it when you restart the server. Stop the server, then change the value.

Nope, I stop the server, edit manually the file (because server-name is not a configurable variable on AMP) then start it, and AMP simply remove that line.

You can try stopping the instance itself and then change the value via SFTP. then start the instance back up

What is server-name? I havent seen that setting anywhere before. It could be the game server removing that line if it’s a bad entry.

Server-name is a property removed in 1.18 I think, but many plugins cross-bungee still use it. I think I will just change file permissions so AMP cant change, thanks for the given help

That will probably break AMP.