AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

AMP ‘Triton’ Release Notes

This release is a major update, with significant new features and enhancements - with changes in just about every single component in AMP.

The easiest way to update (For both Windows and Linux) is to open a shell/command prompt and run:

ampinstmgr upgradeall

You can find the full guide on upgrading AMP here: How to update AMP to the latest version · CubeCoders/AMP Wiki · GitHub

New Features

Independent configuration sources

Arguably the biggest change to AMP in quite some time. This feature de-couples updates to AMPs supported applications from AMP itself. Now we can ship new or updated game configurations without shipping an AMP update. You don’t even need to restart AMP, the changes can be applied live with a single click.

You can also add multiple sources and 3rd party sources. For now this is only via GitHub but we’ll be adding support for other sources in the near future.

Action Notifications

This is a new feature that allows AMP to notify you of things that require your attention, or require you to do something. The way we’re leveraging this to start with is that AMP will warn you if an instance hasn’t got any schedule for backups. I can remind you to set them up (and take you to the appropriate part of AMP to do this), remind you to do it later, or you can dismiss the notification permemently.

First time setup improvements

On Windows, we’ve significantly simplified the first time setup process. It’s more automated and asks for less information. It also brings the Windows and Linux setups more into alignment with details such as the instance names.

Across all platforms, we’ve added some wizardry to AMP to make it more obvious what you’re supposed to do when you first set up AMP. These notifications will disappear by themselves once they’re no longer useful.

Automated configuration refreshes

For instances based on the Generic module (which is most of them these days) - there’s now a one-click mechanism to take an existing instance and update its configuration to the newest version for that game.

Improved port management

Previously, when new games came out - they’d often end up on unexpected port ranges because AMP didn’t have the ports that game server expected to use in its default ranges.

To avoid this problem, there’s now a new option to restrict ports by exclusion instead of by inclusion - so AMP can use any ports except those you tell it not to.

Bad java version handling

The Minecraft module now attempts to automatically correct the situation where the wrong Java version is selected when you start the server. If it can’t, it’ll give you a message that tells you what version it needs you to install.

Other Changes

  • Updating an instance that depends on a Docker container now pulls the latest version of that instances container.
  • The ‘connect to server’ button now shows regardless. For applications that don’t support connecting via URLs it’ll simply show you the endpoint to connect to.
  • Fixed a bug in the 7d2d module where the ‘starting’ notification would hang around after the server was started if the server wasn’t installed when you first hit start.
  • Fixed tables in ampinstmgr showing garbage when using the legacy Windows console instead of the new one.
  • Added support for alternate file encoding schemes when reading/writing configuration files in the Generic module.
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Love your work as always mate, glad to be using your software since 2011. :slight_smile: