AMP Port not working

Yeah, the server that is hosted on the ubuntu is using the 14444 port and that is what I put on UDP and TCP. But I can show more of the whole thing.

You are correct that is it an Asus router. Model: asus RT-AC2900

Your router is likely confused given those conflicting Test1 and Test2 entries (or those entries are overriding the earlier ones). I’d also delete the Test3 and Tes4 entries

Those test who are on .75 at the end is the windows 11 pc and those works. Those on 149 is on the ubuntu and does not work. They did not work earlier when I did not put up the windows 11 host

The later ones then are overriding the earlier ones. Delete Test1 and Test2.

I can do that but I know it will not work, I did the test for the windows host. Because, I have put up two ubuntu host with AMP and none work, I did the windows one and only installed and made a server, opened up the ports and boom. It worked :confused:

Greelan is correct - you can’t have multiple port forwarding rules covering the same port ranges. At best it’ll cause inconsistent or unpredictable behaviour.

Remove any duplicate rules that cover the same port ranges (14444:14445) and try again. Show me your configuration once you’ve done this.

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