Added ICARUS Support


Link: ICARUS on Steam

ICARUS is a PvE survival game for up to eight players. Explore a savage wilderness in the aftermath of terraforming gone wrong. Survive the Open World, complete timed Missions or build your Outpost. Explore, build, craft and hunt while seeking your fortune and prospecting for exotic matter.


Thanks to @Greelan for making the template and thanks to @GKuba for testing and feedback! Currently, the server only supports Windows due to the need for Visual C++ Redis. This support will come after Winetricks has been implemented.

After installing and choosing to start the server and application it is unable to start (from a fresh install). has anyone else had this for Icarus?

Its running now. I tried launching the executable from the directory which said i was missing Visual C++ runtime along with Direct X. Got those both installed and rebooted. Server is running now!

Kinda new to AMP was running a Valheim server through it and love it. We’ve recently switched to playing ICARUS and I want to set it up. Can’t find ICARUS in the instances list. Am I missing something? Thanks ahead of time!

You can get the latest templates by going to Configuration->Instance Deployment and Fetch the latest, then refresh your browser.

If you don’t see the new ones, you might be missing git. Follow this to install it then check back in if it still doesn’t work.