7dtd AMP Linux Server

Hello, i help my friend here to setup a 7 Days to die server with a Linux Machine and AMP.

Standard-Server works finde, no problem, but…

We want tu use aModPack on it and there the problem starts!

Undead Legacy is the mmodpack and it needs to run anther start file.
Additionally it put some extra lines in the config file.

After uploading the mods (no Problem) and changing the config file (no problem) we are not able to fing out, how to change the AMP to accept the config file (it makes errors and stop, when it reads the new entrys) and how to run another startfile…

Any Help?


P.S.: I found out, how to change the config file but the AMP seems to dont start a .sh file ion linux instead of the x86_x64 file.

Ist it possible?